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Upcylce your favourite bottles and turn in to lights with these 15 LED bottle lights.  Great for table centrepieces and creating mood lights, the LED lights are connected using a silver light string that is flexible and easy to bend.


The string lights are connected to a realistic looking cork that acts as a bottle stop and the lights dangle on the inside of the bottle. The bottle cork lights are suitable for full or empty bottles and can be used to create many different lighting effects and moods.  These lights are perfect for bonfire night, Halloween decorations, camping and outdoor parties.


The lights are available in 3 different colours which include white, Red and blue. 15 LED Bottle LightsString lights connected to realistic looking cork. The silver light string is flexible, easy to bend and shaped as you likeIt can provide many hours of light by 3 LR44 batteriesEasy to store, high brightness and low radiation.  

LED Bottle Lights