Smooth on the crisp, refreshing scent of zesty lime and fresh mint with our Virgin Mojito cocktail lip balm by Boozi Body Care!

 Packed full of natural ingredients.
 Easy to use sliding tin
 Suitable for all skin types
 Repairs sore, chapped lips

Do you love drinking Mojitos?! Want to give a Mojito gift? Then you haveto try our zingy Virgin Mojito range! Refresh and rejuvenate your lips with this zesty lip balm, flavoured with mint and lime. Comes in a Virgin Mojito Lip Balm Box.

What small gift can i get my mum? This is a fabulous gift for any cocktail lover! This scrumptiously good Mojito Lip Balm will make your lips feel smoother and softer within moments. 

Mojito Lip Balm


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